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I have searched all over the internet & cannot find any way to find, much less, the login to my account.  I wish to change the method of payment & I've been going back & forth with MBAM support but getting no answer.  The last message I got was "now that your account is activated is there anything else that needs to be addressed?"  Are they nuts or what?  They never answered my question & have since charged a credit card I no longer wish to use.  It's been so long since I first purchased this product I don't remember the email I used so I sent them EVERY address I am using but still have not heard back.  I must have an account if they are auto-renewing, right?

This is one of the worst SUPPORT teams I've ever had to deal with.  And I use the word SUPPORT with tongue-in-cfheek!

Can ANYONE tell me in exact & detailed order how I can access my account? 

Thanks in advance.

Frustrated Josiebops

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"Hamburger" is a term made popular by the smartphone generation.  For you and I, its three bars.  Click that, and look at the top of the left column.  You should see MY ACCOUNT at the top.

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Now that i know what the "hamburger" is i still have a problem. I've used every email address i use & i'm still told no acct is associated with it. Shouldn't i have an acct if i'm set up for auto-renew?  is there a mbam support phone # to talk directly with them? I'm getting nowhere & i want to change my payment method.

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