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Malwarebytes Premium Rejects FTP Commander Pro as Ransomware


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Malwarebytes was acting up on one of my three computers covered under my 3 PC license and I had to remove it.  Once I was able to reinstall it from the latest download from your site, it is doing the same thing as before.  It is still shutting down FTP Commander Pro and the pop-up said it was ransomware.  The culprit file is ctfp.exe again, the main executable in FTP Commander Pro. 

I thought you had this fixed in the latest version.  Apparently not.

Had to remove MAB completely from that computer.

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I just reinstalled Malwarebytes (MWB) on that computer again and tested the FTP Commander Pro software.  I downloaded over 500 MB of data over an hour and did not have any hiccups.  MWB did not interfere in any way.

I can only assume that the order of software installation has an effect on MWB operations relative to the CTFP.EXE file.

Yesterday, MWB was already installed and was acting up causing my computer to lock up.  Then I uninstalled it completely and downloaded a fresh updated copy from your website.  I then installed it and ran a full scan without any problems.  Then I installed FTP Commander Pro and attempted to download my websites to my local computer.  It was then that MWB disabled the CTFP.EXE file while it was downloading files.

I removed both programs again and reinstalled FTP Commander Pro to finish my backups, WITHOUT MWB installed.

Today, I reinstalled MWB and checked that that the startup file was enabled.  FTP Commander Pro was already installed.

As stated above, there are no issues now, and the order of installation may have been the culprit for yesterday's problems.


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  • Staff

It could also be that you installed the 3.3.1 version which has resolved some problems with fps and mbam anti-ransomware module. If this happens again please attach the mbamservice.log like last time and Private message me if i dont notice and i will look into it as soon as possible. You should also be able as a temp work around to shut off the anti ransomware module to ransomware detections allowing you to work.



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