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Regardless of any malware association, they can not seriously present a threat to uTorrent user. The user is after all downloading exactly what he/she intended (or so I hope), and the chances of uTorrent as a network client being used as a conduit for exploits is as far as I know non-existent.

I certainly hope the IP Protection feature is smart enough to distinguish connections from browsers and other clients. I certainly would be annoyet by this feature, as I tend to use P2P, and for example eMule with KAD (DHT) tend sto connect to wide range of IP addresses. It'd be silly to see warning for each connection to a client that resides in malware range as it presents no threat ...

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The best suggestion would be to quickly disable IP blocking (with the click of a button) and allow the files to download. Then, re-enable it later.

Sadly this option is not an option to any real P2P user, who keeps the client running, for whatever reason, sharing whatever content. Which I'm afraid renders part of MBAM useless.

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I, too, also receive this message today. I have uTorrent but it's not running. Does this IP belong to uTorrent? I ran quick scan from Anti-Malware and found nothing.

Does this message mean that the program blocks the IP from connecting to my PC or there is already a file infection on my PC that haven't deleted? Don't know how I get this infection in the first place. ;)

Well, I add the firewall rule to Norton Internet Security 2009 to block communication from - to the top of the rule list, and I no longer receive popups from Anti-Malware. Is this the right approach or it's not needed?

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Thank you. I removed the firewall rule from NIS and updated database version to 2560 and still receive this popup minutes later. Is something on my PC that tries to connect to this site or vice versa? How do I track it down? uTorrent is definitely not running.

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how do u do that

turn off

Just right click with your mouse on the malwarebytes icon in the systray (on the side of the clock).

Than press IP Protection so the V will be removed.

I'm a heavily P2P user and I'm only on private trackers so I know what I download. I hope there will be a fix for this prob

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C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs

These logs appear to be DBCS and are not easily viewed, at least as simple text files. I find it odd that they do not show up in the logs displayed by the program.

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