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Recently I had two problems occur 1)a window would open stating " the requested resource is in use" and 2) when attempting to open task manager the program would flash open for a second and then close and disappear.

I researched the problem and not unexpectedly most solutions referenced Malwarebyte.  Almost all solutions began by downloading and installing your products. The downloading posed no problem and all were successfully downloaded. Obviously the next step was installation and all failed; an error message stating "the requested resource is in use".

Therefore I am looking to this forum as to how to remedy the situation.


Thank you



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Hi Jerry :)

I replied to your thread yesterday, so take a look at it. Make sure to click on the "Follow" button in the top-right corner of the page to follow your thread and receive email notifications when I reply.


To avoid confusion, I'll be closing this one.

Thank you!

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