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Kudos and thanks to a user named Aura

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Hello, Everyone,

I want to sing the praises of a volunteer named Aura.

I posted the following thread after not being able to get rid of a nasty Trojan.Agent.Trace (even the techies where I bought my computer weren't able to help):

Along came Aura and kindly offered to help me. For a period of about 2 weeks, almost every day, there was a message from Aura to try this or that. Every day with comprehensive and very easy-to-follow directions.

(I don't understand the technical mysteries of how Aura was honing in on the problem, but he/she managed to solve it perfectly -- even going as far as speaking to someone from the Research team of the company.)

All along the way, Aura was kind and helpful and optimistic and gracious -- I couldn't believe the tenacious 5-star treatment I was getting. :)

Malwarebytes can be proud of having a volunteer like Aura. I tip my hat in gracious thanks!!

Aura, you've been a superstar! (I won't miss the Trojan, but I'll miss your mails in my Inbox).

Gracious thanks again for ALL your amazing help!!

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He! :D I know, a lot of people are unsure of if I'm a he or she based on my username alone, and my real name (Yoan) doesn't make things easier for certain :P

Thank you for the positive feedback Laary, it encourages me to keep on doing what I do and also tells me that the way I do things right now is good and that I should keep at it :) 

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