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Transfer of license to same computer with new hard drive

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I have Malwarebytes PREMIUM LIFETIME for 3 computers.  I have installed on 3 computers.  My hard drive crashed on my work computer, so I cannot deactivate Malwarebytes.  I have installed a NEW hard drive and have reinstalled Malwarebytes.  When I try to activate Malwarebytes, it tells me that I have reached the maximum installs (3).  Since I cannot deactivate the install from the crashed hard drive, how do I transfer that license to my new hard drive?  I have tried contacting Malwarebytes support via email twice, but get no reply.  There is no 1-800 number either. 



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8 minutes ago, starky said:

I have Malwarebytes PREMIUM LIFETIME for 3 computers.

As far as memory serves, There was never a lifetime for 3 computers.

But you just have to wait for a response from support. It can take several days to get a response.

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