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Adwcleaner still hanging on cleaning


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Long story, bear with me.
I had 4 pieces of adware on this machine when I had finished the first scan with . I kept getting 'hung' during the cleaning process. After 45 minutes of waiting I decided to kill the program and try again. And again, and again, and again no no avail. Before each scan before detection I would receive this message, (which I am still receiving).qumrPgW.png
I downloaded the new build only to run into the exact same error as before. I thought the issue was fixed when i was prompted to restart my machine, (with version when the scan had finished. However, there were no detections upon the reboot. It did find some of the adware and destroy it, as there are only two entries now, it just feels a bit weird.
Again, I am still hanging on 'cleaning' right before the unhandled popup and I am running the latest build of adwcleaner. 
 Attaching the txt file below. (Current.)


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Hello @YouthfulGeezer ,

Can you share the following? It would *really* help us to track down this issue:

  1. Keep AdwCleaner in its current blocked state,
  2. Download Procmon from here: https://download.sysinternals.com/files/ProcessMonitor.zip
  3. Extract the zip archive to your Desktop
  4. Run Procmon.exe
  5. Procmon should start logging, click on the `Save` icon,
  6. In the prompt dialog, be sure to select "All Events", and save the file with a PML format.
  7. Attach this .pml file to your next answer.


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