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maybe this will helps others

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caveat...i am NOT a computer techie...

i had a "root key" infection that malwares would NOT delete

i tired to delete it manually with regedit...it wouldn't allow me to delete it

i tried malwares reg-assassin....it would not delete it

i checked the "permissions" on this key and it said "everyone...full permission"

i spend days searching the net for ways to delete a registry key that was 'bad'

FINALLY, i found a post that said....check if there's a SUBKEY

if the SUBKEY's permissions aren't set to "everyone...full permission" then the higher ranking key can't be deleted

i set the subkey's permissions to "everyone"....ran maleware's reg-assassin and it deleted it

then i ran reg-assassin on the higher ranking key....and IT'S GONE

ran malwares and NO INFECTIONS.....

so, my humble suggestion....if you can't get rid of a bad registry key...look for a subkey and attack it first

i hope this info (from a non-techie) helps a few of you out there....

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