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Beta 9 License failed to activate

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@ridevries, that's unfortunate. :( I noticed your logs still say the same error message, which means there's still a problem with retrieving the SSL certification which is odd to me since you were able to visit malwarebytes.com. 


Let's perform this first instead of attempting to repeat in safe mode:

Make sure you are logged into an local account with admin privileges/admin user.

1.  Please visit https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ using Internet Explorer; you should receive a response on the screen that says "OK" which means you've completed the SSL handshake successfully. Then repeat an installation of mbarw beta9 or run your desktop mbarw icon as administrator (right click desktop icon -> run as administrator)

2. If above step still fails to activate your license, then download this cert file and double click the file and click on "install certificate" and for the cert store, use "trusted root certificates or Root CA store" https://www.dropbox.com/s/77rsrg47t18w50t/DigiCertHighAssuranceEVRootCA.crt?dl=0 once installed, perform a reboot/restart on your computer so we can ensure everything is taken into effect and then like previously, repeat the installation or run the mbarw desktop icon as administrator.


Thanks for your patience and I appreciate your time and effort. 


Keywords: certificate, SSL validation error, digital certificate, license key, register

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1.  Visited  https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ with IE (OK in upper left corner), and then ran mbarw as administrator: no activation.

2. Downloaded the certificate en installed it, and then installed mbarw beta 9 again: succes!!!

What I did not try was visiting the keystone website and then install beta 9 again, or after installing the certificate, start mbarw as administrator, maybe one of those combinations could have had success too. I also did not restart the PC after installing the certificate, and all of the anti-malware programs were active, only SSL scan in Bitdefender was de-activated (as in all previous attempts). But I will restart the system in a while, to see if all stays the same.

Great that the mbarw beta 9 now works, but of course this is no normal installation procedure, so what doesn't go right in my system?

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We assumed that the cert would already be present with mbarw beta9, but unfortunately it was not. Also, the issue did not seem to be related to your system ridevries. However, the team has already resolved this so users like you will not run into this issue again for the next installer.

Thanks again for all of your efforts. You are very welcome.


NOTE for any user experiencing this issue

Problem: mbamservice.log "SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed"

Fix: Manual cert installation 

Update: Next installer will handle SSL cert installation for clients



Keywords: certificate, SSL validation error, digital certificate, license key, register


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There has been specific changes to our software after beta8, which we did not encounter during our internal testing before releasing beta9. The next installer covers this scenario so people will not have to manually visit the keystone website. I am working with @AdvancedSetup to have it moved back to the mbarw beta forum. Thanks again!

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