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[Request] More options for notifications


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Hey community,

I play games like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. When I play 1.6, as I open the server browser, malwarebytes as intended blocks all the server IP addresses which host malicious content. However, the notification pulls me straight out of the game onto the desktop.

Same with CS:GO, when the server (which requires cl_disablehtmlmotd to be 0) displays ads on the MOTD to make money for maintaining the server. When a "dodgy" ad site comes up, it is blocked, however the notification again pulls me out of the game, which is obviously not ideal if in a firefight etc.

Looking in the notification settings, there are only two very broad options ("Show notifications when protection layers are turned off", and "Enable notifications")

Now, I would like to receive a notification on my desktop if a malicious program is blocked from running, as it gives me peace of mind. However, when malwarebytes blocks a malicious website, it is shown in the browser, and I am confident that it is blocked. So I would prefer not to have a notification when malwarebytes blocks a malicious website.

So my request is more options for notifications in the settings menu, e.g. toggles for malicious website blocking notifications, ransomware blocking notifications, and malware blocking notifications.

Otherwise, I am loving Malwarebytes 3. It is very seamless, easy to use but advanced. Thanks devs for the effort.

Kind regards,


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I apologize that no one from our staff responded sooner.  That said, what Porthos says above is accurate; this request has been made several times and is definitely something we're considering (a sort of "quiet" and/or "gaming" mode to disable background features and notifications temporarily during gaming etc.).

Also, regarding web blocks specifically, the reason we also show a tray notification is for a few reasons.  For one, the webpage/browser redirect/message does not always work unfortunately so we always want to be sure that the user is aware that a block has occurred if that's the case.  Second, we block connections to/from malicious websites for the entire system, not just web browsers so we need to display a block notification whenever a block has occurred regardless of the application the block came from as we can't show the redirect/in-browser message for other applications obviously nor can we show it for incoming blocked connections.  Third, while we hope it won't happen, it's possible the source of a block could actually be a Trojan or other malware that's gotten passed our other layers of protection, either because we missed it or because the user has deliberately excluded it from being detected as a threat in which case the malware might obviously connect to a malicious server thus generating one or more web blocks, so displaying the notifications for the sake of alerting the user so that they can know that this application/potential threat is attempting to connect to one or more malicious servers is important for the sake of letting them know so that they may act accordingly and investigate if the blocks continue frequently to find and eliminate the threat from their system, something we'd be happy to assist with should such an event occur and they contact us to inform us of the blocks/notifications and associate excluded or unknown application so that we can help to get their system cleaned up once more and add the threat to our database if it was something we missed.

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