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cannot connect to server

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Running Win 10 Creator's update and the latest version of MB and when I rebooted the PC go cannot connect to server.    Ran the newest clean tool and rebooted, installed the new MB.   MB started, ran a scan and appeared to work ok.   Rebooted the PC and cannot connect to server.    Ran the install of the newest version, MB started and ran fine.    Rebooted the PC and cannot connect to server.     ad nauseum

Did all this several times.   Fought this for a couple weeks a few months ago and then it started working, this week it stopped working again.   I have 3 computers, all running Win 10 Home, and they all do the same thing.

Do not tell me to run the clean tool and reinstall, been there, done that!!!   several times!!!     Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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I think I found the answer in another post.   Running F-Secure antivirus and it seems to be clashing with MB.   

Sorry for the time.     Doing a search of the problem online I found no reference to the F-Secure problem, I only found it here on the MB forums.



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@FGene :welcome:

I am happy you found your solution, That is what we are here for. 

45 minutes ago, FGene said:

Do not tell me to run the clean tool and reinstall

That issue is not always f-secure issues there are other issues that a clean install fixes. That is why we would have asked you to do that first. If that did not work, we would have asked for diagnostic logs and with those, we would see the f-secure issue and assist you with fixing it.

This is on the main site FYI.



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