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gamarue.l worm not detected by Malwarebytes and how do I remove this?

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So, my brother put his flash drive in my laptop then suddenly windows defender warns me about this virus.

Windows defender keep detecting it and ask me to send this worm to microsoft over and over again then I send it so many times.

I tried to scan it with malwarebytes but the result always no threat.


According to my brother, the flash drive hasn't been used for years so it's possible it is an old virus.



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  • Download and install the free version of Malwarebytes
    Note: If you have Malwarebytes already installed, you don't need to install it again. Simply start from the next bullet point;
  • Once Malwarebytes is installed, launch it and let it update his database. You might have to click on the little arrow by Scan Status in the middle right pane for it to do so;
  • Once the database update is complete, click on the Scan tab, then select the Threat Scan button and click on Start Scan;
  • Let the scan run, the time required to complete the scan depends of your system and computer specs;
  • Once the scan is complete, make sure that the first checkbox at the top is checked (which will automatically check every detected item), then click on the Quarantine Selected button;
    • If it asks you to restart your computer to complete the removal, do so;
  • Click on Export Summary after the deletion (in the bottom-left corner) and select Copy to Clipboard. Paste the content in your next reply;
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When I do threat scan with Malwarebytes, suddenly WD quarantine the virus instead of Malwarebytes.

WD doesn't detect anything when I do nothing just like now. That's why I thought the threat is gone in my second post.

No, I didn't scan with WD, use CCleaner or install/uninstall program after I made the second Farbar Recovery logs.

On my second attempt at threat scan, I tried disabling WD real time protection and turning off internet connection.

Hoping Malwarebytes catching it instead of WD.


I attach both summary.

In the first threat scan, WD goes to quarantine one virus during Scan File System.

In the second threat scan, I disabled WD real time protection and internet. WD doesn't catch anything this time.

I'm turning on WD real time protection after that.


I hope everything I did here wouldn't hinder your analysis.

threat scan 1.txt

threat scan 2.txt

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After you post that I decide to use Malwarebytes threat scan again after not doing it for almost a week.



Windows Defender keep detecting all the virus instead of Malwarebytes even though I disable WD and yet no matter how many times I send it to microsoft, delete the files in quarantine, the virus keep coming back. Oh, and it's gamarue.I not gamarue.l

Here is the new FRST. I made it after the Malwarebytes scan.


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It takes too long so I searched the internet on my own. I understand I'm not the only one you help here so I'm sorry if it makes you feel like wasting time. I still appreciate that someone is willing to help a random guy. For anyone who have the same problem and stumble in this thread, this is how I managed to get rid of it.

  1. Clear all cookies (Internet Option -> Delete -> Uncheck the preserve favorite)
  2. (?) I also installed and use SUPERAntiSpyware to clean up cookies then uninstall it bt I dunno if it has any effect.
  3. Boot in safe mode (Open Administrative Tool -> System Configuration -> Boot ->  Check Safe Boot)
  4. Full Scan with Windows Defender and Microsoft Malicious Software Removal (Takes me 10 hours)
  5. Threat Scan with Malwarebytes
  6. Then reboot in normal mode (Open Administrative Tool -> System Configuration -> Boot ->  Uncheck Safe Boot)
  7. Threat Scan with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender to make sure there is nothing left. I didn't find any virus/worm/trojan whatsoever in this step. I just want to make sure it goes away and it does!

The worm only reveal itself when scanning. If you don't find any gamarue.I in the last step then it's clean.

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On 8/11/2017 at 3:32 PM, Valinorum said:


Sorry for the delay. How is your PC performing? :)

Still well. There is no problem whatsoever.

Surprised there are PUP when I scan with Adware Cleaner but nothing else. The PUP doesn't comeback when I rescan.

No gamarue and malware in sight when I rescan with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender.

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