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Malwarebytes keeps popping up saying it site web blocked

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Since a few days have been surfing the internet and noticed every now and again Malwarebytes has popped up saying: "... blocked access to a potentially malicious website:,, and mores". I think maybe can be for access to some site for watch series, However, most of the times it has popped up I have only been surfing in my gmail or another confident site, and not trying to access any other sites. My computer scan is coming up completely clean, i have Malwarebyte premium and using Windows Defender (Maybe i should use another antivirus...), is my home computer. While I was writing this it just popped up again, although this time the number was "". It's a new computer so I can easily look through my downloads and I can't see anything suspicious looking. Any suggestions? 
Thanks, Orney.


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Hi lion2war :)

My name is Aura and I'll be assisting you with your malware issue. Since we'll be working together, you can call me Aura or Yoan, which is my real name, it's up to you! Now that we've broke the ice, I'll just ask you a few things during the time we'll be working together to clean your system and get it back to an operational state.

  • As you'll notice, the logs we are asking for here are quite lenghty, so it's normal for me to not reply exactly after you post them. This is because I need some time to analyse them and then act accordingly. However, I'll always reply within 24 hours, 48 hours at most if something unexpected happens;
  • As long as I'm assisting you on Malwarebytes Forums, in this thread, I'll ask you to not seek assistance anywhere else for any issue related to the system we are working on. If you have an issue, question, etc. about your computer, please ask it in this thread and I'll assist you;
  • The same principle applies to any modifications you make to your system, I would like you to ask me before you do any manipulations that aren't in the instructions I posted. This is to ensure that we are operating in sync and I know exactly what's happening on your system;
  • If you aren't sure about an instruction I'm giving you, ask me about it. This is to ensure that the clean-up process goes without any issue. I'll answer you and even give you more precise instructions/explanations if you need. There's no shame in asking questions here, better be safe than sorry!;
  • If you don't reply to your thread within 3 days, I'll bump this thread to let you know that I'm waiting for you. If you don't reply after 5 days, it'll be closed. If you return after that period, you can send me a PM to get it unlocked and we'll continue where we left off;
  • Since malware can work quickly, we want to get rid of them as fast as we can, before they make unknown changes to the system. This being said, I would appreciate if you could reply to this thread within 24 hours of me posting. This way, we'll have a good clean-up rhythm and the chances of complications will be reduced;
  • I'm against any form of pirated, illegal and counterfeit software and material. So if you have any installed on your system, I'll ask you to uninstall them right now. You don't have to tell me if you indeed had some or not, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Plus, this would be against Malwarebytes Forums's rules;
  • In the end, you are the one asking for assistance here. So if you wish to go a different way during the clean-up, like format and reinstall Windows, you are free to do so. I would appreciate you to let me know about it first, and if you need, I can also assist you in the process;
  • I would appreciate if you were to stay with me until the end, which means, until I declare your system clean. Just because your system isn't behaving weirdly anymore, or is running better than before, it doesn't mean that the infection is completely gone;
    This being said, I have a full time job so sometimes it'll take longer for me to reply to you. Don't worry, you'll be my first priority as soon as I get home and have time to look at your thread;

This being said, it's time to clean-up some malware, so let's get started, shall we? :)

Follow the instructions in the thread below, and provide me both FRST logs (FRST.txt and Addition.txt). You can attach them in your next post, or copy/paste their content.


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Hi Aura,

thanks so much for assist me, I have read all your instructions and I'm in total agreement with you. My first language is not English , but I can understand you well, sorry if I don't explain my self very good, I'll do my best. Right now I'm outside of my resident city(Madrid), I'll be at home after tomorrow "Saturday", when I'll be there I'll do all the steps that you told me. I'll send you in the Saturday after tomorrou all the logs you require from me. 

Best regards and thanks for all.

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The Web Developer Google Chrome extension was hijacked a few days ago and an update with malicious code was pushed. Can you uninstall it, then reinstall it? It should be version 0.5.


Also, uninstall Ace Stream Media 3.1.2 from your computer, along the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions for it.

Once done, let me know if you still get the block notifications.

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Hi Aura,

Thanks so much for your assistance, it has been the best. I did everything what you told me and i've not more popup from malwarebyte, thanks so much.

I don't know if can be possible to know what for is "Ace Stream Media", i dont know how it was installed in my system. Very curious too that the Web Developer chrome extension was hijacked ....


Any way, thanks so much. Your job was excellent and very fast.

Best regards.

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I found a report of an extension called "4chan plus" which inserts malicious ads in websites you visit, but it seems like you don't have it installed.

Are you getting the block notifications only when you're using Google Chrome, or when you use another web browser (say Internet Explorer) as well? Obviously, if you are to test this, make sure Google Chrome is closed and no chrome.exe processes are running.

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So it is indeed something coming from your Google Chrome profile. Do you remember the last (extensions) you installed before the block notification started appearing? Based on your 1st post date (July 30th), the fact that you said that they started a few days ago and your FRST logs, we could start by uninstalling these and see how it goes.

CHR Extension: (Adblock Plus) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb [2017-07-17]
CHR Extension: (Click&Clean) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\ghgabhipcejejjmhhchfonmamedcbeod [2017-07-29]
CHR Extension: (Unlimited Free VPN - Hola) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\gkojfkhlekighikafcpjkiklfbnlmeio [2017-06-05]
CHR Extension: (Wappalyzer) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\gppongmhjkpfnbhagpmjfkannfbllamg [2017-07-30]
CHR Extension: (Scrum for Trello) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\jdbcdblgjdpmfninkoogcfpnkjmndgje [2017-06-29]
CHR Extension: (Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\neebplgakaahbhdphmkckjjcegoiijjo [2017-07-06]
CHR Extension: (Save to Pocket) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\niloccemoadcdkdjlinkgdfekeahmflj [2017-07-20]
CHR Extension: (Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker) - C:\Users\orney\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\oejgccbfbmkkpaidnkphaiaecficdnfn [2017-07-28]


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Hi Aura, i have been a bit busy, but i should say you thta since  tuesday i havent popup blocker again,  from 8 extensions to uninstall, i have just uninstalled "Toggl Button", on the tuesday,  after that all is right.

I think the problem is solved.... Thank you so much. You have made a great job.

Best regards.

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Glad to see that you were able to find the culprit and uninstall it :)

Qt25440.pngTips, tricks, advice and recommendations

Now it's time to give you some tips, tricks, advice and recommendations on how to protect your system and prevent you from being infected in the future. This is where I'll explain basic security measures that you should take to protect and harden your system, and also make sure it stays as safe and secure as possible against hackers and malware. You are free to ignore the recommendations listed below, although I obviously do not recommend it. If you have any questions about one of the points covered in the speech below, feel free to ask me your questions here directly so I can answer them and guide you.

Windows Updates

Keeping Windows up to date is one of the first steps in having a safe and secure system. The Security Updates that Windows receives are meant to fix exploits and flaws in it that makes it more secure and not exploitable by hackers. In order to do that, you should always install the Security Updates, known as "Important Updates" on your Windows system. These updates are released on the second Tuesday of every month, but some are also released before if they are emergency/critical Security Updates. Let's make sure that you have all your Important Updates and Recommended Updates installed and that your Windows Updates are set to be installed automatically.

Keeping your programs up-to-date

Like keeping Windows updated, keeping your installed programs up-to-date is another important step in having a safe and secure system. Outdated programs can be exploited by hackers and malware to infect a system and take it over. This is especially true today with the rise of Exploit Kits (and also 0-days) which is one of the biggest attack vectors to distribute malware. Therefore, you should always keep vulnerable programs like Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Java, Silverlight, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, VLC Media Player, etc. updated to their most recent version (even better, you don't have to install them if you don't use them). Programs like eLDnJfI.pngSecuniaPSI and y5YE7At.pngHeimdal Free will scan your system for outdated programs, and help you identify them, as well as update them.


Note: The programs listed below are all free to use or they have some sort of trial. Some of them have a paid version that provides more features, while a lot of other good programs only have a paid version but aren't listed there (such as Kaspersky and ESET Antivirus products).

Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit and Anti-Ransomware

Having a decent security setup (which also includes an Antivirus) is the most crucial step to protect a system. These programs are additional layers of defence that will prevent a system from being infected, or if it somehow ends up infected, help mitigate the infection and remediate it. Fortunately, the new Malwarebytes 3 bundle all these layers in one, easy to use and efficient product. Malwarebytes 3 offers Malware, Web, Exploit and Ransomware protection modules that works together in order to keep your system protected and stop an infection at multiple level.

  • j1Bynr2.pngMalwarebytes - Comes with a free trial of the Premium version for 14 days, after which it reverts back to the Free version

Note: Please note that only the Premium version of Malwarebytes 3 offers real-time protection (Malware, Web, Exploit and Ransomware). The free version only allows you to scan your system for threats and remove them.


Starting in Windows Vista, the Windows Firewall greatly improved and will satisfy the needs of most users. If you do not have an Internet Suite Antivirus program (which includes a firewall) and you want to use a 3rd party firewall, you can consider the options below.

  • 7p3JzTS.pngGlassWire - Has both a free and paid version (with different packages)
  • MQIMh6k.pngWindows Firewall Control - Gives you more control over your Windows Firewall
  • 5RXGshU.pngTinyWall - Lightweight firewall implementing the Windows Firewall and giving you more control over it

Web Browsers and Web Browsing

Web Browsers could be considered as the closest door between a malware and your system. This is where most malware goes through to infect a system, and therefore it should be the program(s) you want to secure the most. There are two ways of going about it: hardening your web browser via extensions, and having good browsing habits. 

Hardening your web browser means to install extensions that will help it protect itself (and your system on the same occasion) against Exploit Kits, MiTM attacks, etc. but also you at the same time. Here are a few extensions that I recommend you to install.

  • uBlock Origin: Efficient multi-purpose blocker that is lightweight on RAM and CPU usage (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and most Chromium and Firefox-based browsers)
  • HTTPS Everywhere: Extension that converts your HTTP (unencrypted) requests to HTTPS (encrypted) ones (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera)
  • Web of Trust: Website reputation, rating and review extension that will help you quickly identify bad and suspicious sites from good ones (every web browsers)
  • NoScript: NoScript is a script blocker (Java, Flash, JavaScript, etc.) for Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based web browsers)
  • uMatrix: For advanced users, a point and click matrix-like extensions that allow you to control requests done on a webpage (based on source, destination and type) (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera)
  • LastPass: Secure password manager allowing you to create, manage, and use passwords you save in your LastPass account (every web browser)

As for safe browsing habits, you can find tons of guides, tutorials, articles, etc. online that will highlight the basics you need to follow (only visit websites you trust, do not click on ads, do not download files from untrusted sources, use a password manager, always verify the URL of a website and make sure it's correctly typed, etc.), and even what you can do if you want to take it a step further (create a fake email address for spam emails, browse the web in a privacy mode, etc.). Here are a few:

As you can see, there are plenty of resources out there. Simply Googling "good browsing habits" or "safe browsing habits" should allow you to find a lot of them.

Other recommendations

Even if you follow every recommendation that I listed here, in the end, it's also your job to be careful when browsing the web and downloading files if you don't want to get infected. Therefore, if you use your brain (common sense) when browsing the web, downloading programs and files, etc., you have far less chances to get infected by a malware. If for example you're not sure if a website is legitimate or not, or if a file is safe to download and execute, or if a program looks "too good" to be free, I suggest you to avoid going to that website, downloading that file or using that program.

Here are a few guides, tutorials, articles, etc. that you could read in order to learn more about computer protection and security to improve your current computer protection setup but also improve your good web browsing and computer usage practices :

gRvSooB.pngThe End!

And that's it! Now that you know more about how to protect your computer and secure it, you're good to go back to your online activities, but in a safe and secure way! You are also free to stay on the forums and ask for help in different topics if you ever need to. Just make sure that you post your question/issue in the right section to get the best assistance possible. And if you ever get infected again (which I hope you wont!), you can always comeback in this section to get another checkup with one of our trained malware removal member.

Do you have any questions before I close this thread? :)

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Glad we could help. :)If you need this topic reopened, please send a Private Message to any one of the moderating team members. Please include a link to this thread with your request. This applies only to the originator of this thread.Other members who need assistance please start your own topic in a new thread. Thanks!

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