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Open Closed un-answered question please.

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I asked a question, provided plenty of information and instead of hearing anything, I check and find it was closed.

So, I am asking the same question, providing the same info by linking to the question.

Please, if you have a possible answer, reply here. Just closing the question without reason prompts one to say 'If support cannot answer the question, please say so, not just close it.' Thanks. BTW, I did try to analyze what was being said in a convoluted PM but I don't think it was an answer to this. The auto-paste in the reply really messed up to the point that it appears more of a Ai that swallowed too many bytes for lunch.

Sidebar Ramblings : I am asking - again, because I was about to buy 4 more licenses when I realized, I still need an answer to this. 4 licenses for me is over $200.00 more PER YEAR! For simple home basic protection, costs to operate a computer safely is getting out of hand. Makes me re-think and compare software, service, and support to cost. Yeah I know, there is the free version. Such "free" stuff use to be called crippleware. The fist syringe full of heroin is free, so is the first puff of crack or first snort of cocaine - all are free as well. One way or another - we still pay. I prefer to pay with money and get value for it. Before I blow $200.00 fort a one year adventure into the still unknown, an answer is needed.

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Hi Outernaut :)

First of all, I would like to apologise to you about this, since I was the one who closed your thread and moved it in the "Resolved Malware Logs". What happened is that on June 27th, I did a "clean-up" of the Malware Removal section which had over 60 pages of threads, going back all the way to 2016. Technically, this shouldn't happen, as every thread there should be closed in either a: Solved or Stale state. A solved thread is pretty self-explanatory, while a Stale thread means that the user who posted stopped replying to the thread and after 5 days, it gets closed (marked as Stale) and moved in the "Resolved Malware Logs" section. Your thread was posted on March 7th, and I did the clean-up on June 27th. For the clean-up, I went with a rule to not touch threads that were under 60 days old (2 months). Your thread was way older than 60 days, so it got closed in the process, and I'm truly sorry about this. Also, threads were closed using a silent reply as to not needlessly notify users via email notifications (for those who had a thread open back in 2016 for instance), hence why you didn't get noticed.

Therefore, the fault here doesn't lie on Malwarebytes but on me. I'm only a Trusted Advisor providing malware removal assistance on the forums, and do not work for them as an employee. So if there is someone to blame, it would be me.

However, may I propose you to re-open your thread, and allow me to assist you with your issue? I would be glad to :)  

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