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PUP.Optional.Legacy will not go away!


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I have PUP.Optional.Legacy will not go away.  I have ran Malware Bites, updated this morning which does not detect it.  I added AdWare this morning which is where I found it. 

I have done this multiple times.I have also reset the chrome browser and the internet explorer browser to original settings. I have signed in and out of chrome.  I have ran Avast,didn't find that either. I have downloaded and ran FRST64 and ran that in the sequence suggested in a forum posted here. 


Clue, Help, Ugghhh!

PUP Optional Legacy.png

malwarebytes log.txt




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These elements are actually bundled with AVG which would reinstall these components. So the only way would be to ignore them or to manually uninstall AVG* and clean with AdwCleaner, and following the logfile note to purge the Chrome synchronization: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3097271

Regarding the error, please delete the whole folder C:\AdwCleaner and this message will disappear.



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Just FYI. I had same problem so resetting Chrome and deleting the C:/AdwCleaner folder helped get rid of PUP.Optional.Legacy virus. However, in my case, I know where I got this virus. I ran AdwCleaner on my system before installing GOM Player from Gretech Corp and it came out clean. I ran AdwCleaner again right after installing GOM Player and PUP.Optional.Legacy virus turned up. I did run a scan by Malwarebytes (Free) AntiMalware on the .exe file before installing and turned up negative so I went ahead and installed. Anyway, problem solved and GOM Player uninstalled

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