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Can be used? Malwarebytes 3.0 - small bussiness- Enterprise

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Just a small question.

Can a malwarebytes 3.0 license be used on a enterprise computer? We only want it for less than 10 computers. we dont' want de endpoint solution.

Our seller told us that is illegal to use a malwarebytes 3.0 license on our small company computers, so sadly we aren't buyin them.

I write this comment from spain. We could buy them from your web if it's legal, and not from the seller, but we just want to know  from, if this is really ilegal to use or not. 

Best Regards.


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35 minutes ago, Tonyvit said:

Our seller told us that is illegal to use a malwarebytes 3.0 license on our small company computers, so sadly we aren't buyin them.

Who is your seller? 

I'm a business customer and I want Malwarebytes 3.0! When can I get it?
Business customers using un-managed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware standalone can upgrade to Malwarebytes 3.0. The managed Malwarebytes 3.0 will be shipping for business customers by early next year. We’re very excited about some really cool endpoint protection management technologies we have in the pipeline for our business customers.

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18 minutes ago, Tonyvit said:

The offer you see on the website of Malwarebytes 3.0 is for home users, and is illegal to install in companies.

They have not kept up with the new EULA. You can use 3.0 on up to 10 computers in a business.


2. Restrictions.

(a) Malwarebytes for Home - Free & Paid.
If you are a Malwarebytes for Home user (or any other Malwarebytes Software intended for home use), and whether you have a free or paid license, this Section 2(a) applies. Your license permits you to use the Software solely for your personal, non-commercial purposes; the Software may not be used on any Device that is used in a business or for business purposes. Once Executed on a Device, you may transfer the Software to a different Device, provided that you uninstall and remove the Software from the first Device. You may not combine the Software with any third party script, application, hardware or tools which would cause it to run on an automated or unattended basis. You may not transfer the Software to a different user, except that once installed onto a Device, the Software may be operated by any person directly using the Device (i.e., not remotely), provided that you are responsible for each such person's operation of the Software. You may make one copy of the Software for back-up or archival purposes, or copy the Software onto the hard disk of your Device and retain the original for back-up or archival purposes. Notwithstanding the second sentence of this Section 2(a), if you have a business with no more than 10 total Devices, you may use Malwarebytes for Home Software in your business for business purposes provided that your usage shall be governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement applicable to Malwarebytes for Business users and not the terms and conditions applicable to Home users. ("Small Business Exception"). If you use the Small Business Exception, references to Malwarebytes for Business shall be read as governing your usage of the Software.




I would buy DIRECT from the Malwarebytes main website. 

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We use Eset 6 for bussines on every computer.

We wanted to use eset and malwarebytes at the same time only on some pc's, because 6-7 users are somewhat problematic. 

I use the same configuration on my home and works ok (those 2 programs work good together). And really like how malwarebytes works in general.

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3 hours ago, Tonyvit said:

because 6-7 users are somewhat problematic. 

I say go ahead and use 3.0. As a reseller myself we were told 10 or less. It does not matter if you own 1000 computers but how many you actually use it on.

That is why purchasing direct limits you to 10 licenses and on top of that, there is a good discount as well. You might also get to take advantage of the 2yr discount as well.

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