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Files don't appear in quarantine

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If an older version of AdwCleaner has been run and not uninstalled then any file quarantined with version do not show up in quarantine of any version. It does not matter if a scan or clean has been run with the older version. This behavior occurs with the beta as well.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run AdwCleaner version 6.020, accept the disclaimer and close it. This was the version I had on hand but I imagine it occurs with any version 6 build.
  2. Download a detected file for testing. I used TSG Sysinfo (safe file; false positive).
  3. Scan and clean using AdwCleaner version or beta.
  4. Open Quarantine Manager using any version of AdwCleaner and the file will not be present.


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Hi @fr33tux

Yes, without v6 the quarantine works OK. If it has never been run or it is uninstalled beforehand then v7 works as expected. It doesn't matter which version of the executable is used for the uninstall.

One other thing, this might be expected behavior but when restoring files with v7 they are not restored to the same location but instead they get restored to a folder with the same name as the file. For example, I used v7 to remove Sysinfo.exe from my desktop. Restoring the file creates a folder called Sysinfo.exe with the file Sysinfo.exe inside it. This could create problems if files are accidentally removed that are expected to be in certain locations.

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