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Another method for safety

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I have 2 Western Digital passport drives, 2 Terabytes each. One is connected to my computer with continuous backup. The other sits on my desk, connected to nothing. I switch them about once a week. That way, if I get ransomware, I won't lose more than a week's work. I can then ask  Malwarebytes what I should do next.

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It's also a good idea to keep a backup offsite somewhere in case of fire, robbery or some natural disaster which might cause the drives in your home to be lost/unsalvageable.  The easiest way to accomplish that would be via the cloud assuming your internet connection has a reasonably fast upload speed.  Of course, if you use software for this such as a backup solution you'll want to make certain it creates multiple/incremental copies of your data so that you can roll back to an older backup in case one or more of your most recent backups has been encrypted by ransomware or damaged/corrupted by malware or any other cause.

There are other ways to perform offsite backups as well, including doing them manually and then leaving the drive in a separate location (though that could be a real pain if your files change frequently and you want to keep your backups up to date frequently), or you could connect to a remote server offsite via VPN or some other means if you have another location with a system you can connect to directly for this purpose (same idea as with cloud backups, except you own the system where the data is transferred to).

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