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Just out of pure curiosity, and considering I have had this profile for a while, when I go to 'account settings', then 'edit profile', I get this message... 'You are not allowed to edit this profile '. It would be 'REALLY NICE' to be able to put an icon/pic on my profile, and/or change any specifics that may have changed since creating this account :(

Can anyone explain this bizarre event? I see very few members have an icon, but some do. Are these people just the special ones that deserve special treatment?

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I think that you need a certain number of posts before you can edit your user profile.

Although I also seem to remember seeing it had been turned off for some reason in the last forum update?

Maybe it never got turned back on?


I put my avatar (icon/pic) on my profile when I first registered.

Not special treatment, just knowing what to do when registering.

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Found it;
Editing of user profiles was turned off to stop spammers. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/201935-updating-avatar/?do=findComment&comment=1131482

Being a forum mod elsewhere I am aware of the problem with spammers/spambots registering a simple profile to get round the filters, and then later changing their profile to add the spam content. TBH a simple 'so many posts before editing' usually prevents this as the spammers are spotted before they get to that number of posts.
Each forum has its own rules and its own ways of dealing with these problems.

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Considering I have over 50 websites, i can REALLY relate to dealing with spammers!!!!!! That is all I needed to know. On the other hand, this IS "MALWAREBYTES"... if there was Anyone who would have the techs who could write smart enough code to keep 95+% of them out, it should be them. :)

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  • Staff

True, but we would also have to write forum software to take advantage of the spiffy anti-spam code we would write.  In the meantime, our products would suffer.

Having been outsourced many times when I was doing an outstanding job, it was often the same reason..."Its not what we do." My specialty supported their line of business but it wasn't their line of business.  Same applies here.  As one of the people who gets very tired of dealing with "Baba the love sponge" and other stupid stuff, I totally agree with your sentiment though.

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"spiffy", Love It!! :) That is a good word to describe code that you are proud of :) Ok then, stop answering stupid questions like mine, and keep that MB code working perfectly :D Maybe... next time Cryptoshield 2.0 wont destroy over 45,000 of my files before it is detected :( I kept that drive in hopes that someone, someday, will come up with a decrypter. I had to start from scratch, and even now, 5 months later, I am still trying to get everything back to where it was...

WARNING: ADHD (I rant endlessly)

Now, NOW, I do an automatic 'full boot drive' backup, every night :) (along with 3 of my other important drives)

NOTICE: Rant over :D

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