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Error on startup - MBAMSwissArmy.sys

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Your PC/Device needs to be repaired

the operating system couldn't be loaded because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors. 

File: \windows\system32\drivers\MBAMSwissArmy.sys

Error code: 0xc000007b

not sure what to do I've gone through start up settings but to no avail, no disc reader on my pic so can't do disc recover. Need help

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Are you able to do a USB recovery?
What version of Windows are you using?
If using Windows10, you can download the Media Creation Tool and make a Windows 10 installer for free here (use the Create Installation Media link):  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

This error code is sometimes associated with a failing/dying hard drive.
What's the make and model of your system?
What's the version of Windows that you're using?
What version of Windows did the system come with?

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I have an ibuypower I-series 504 which runs windows 10 home high end devices, came with it. I just got it in February and I've only had MBAM for about 2 weeks. I have no USB or recovery, why would my system not start because of your program??


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Without reports, we can't tell why the system won't start.
FYI  I am not a MalwareBytes employee.  I volunteer here because I like working on BSOD's

The most common reason for this type of problem (aside from a failing/dying hard drive) is that there's an incompatibility with another program/other programs on your system.
Less common, but still a possibility are problems with Windows or problems with MalwareBytes.

As you're not able to boot into Windows, there's limited things to do.
First, IMO, would be to run a bootable hard drive diagnostic.
I suggest this because, if the hard drive is dying, there's no amount of software in the world that can overcome this.

As the system likely came with UEFI, you'll have to:
- disable SecureBoot
- enable CSM/Legacy mode
- boot from a CD or USB drive to run hard drive diagnostics (more info on the diagnostics here:  http://www.carrona.org/hddiag.html )
I suggest using the Seagate Seatools for DOS and run the Long/Extended test to test the hard drive.

Beyond that, as the system is still under warranty, I'd check with the reseller/ibuypower to see what's available from them for diagnostics/repair.
For example, if you bought it from BestBuy, you can ask them to perform hardware diagnostics under the Manufacturer's warranty.

Good luck!

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