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Quarantine won't restore

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I want to keep using Advanced System Care and I trust it. I instructed MWB to ignore the program and associated files - which worked, but I can't release some previous scan files from quarantine: see image. Have tried closing MWB, restarting and going straight to quarantine to restore, but that gives me the error on the image. Is the error telling me to close all running processes of ASC?? Or of MWB? - which won't happen, even in Task Manager...:unsure:

Thanks for your help - it's irritating but not major, unless those quarantined files stop ASC running smoothly.



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Sorry for posting - SOLVED it by closing ALL running ASC files THEN running MWB.

Thanks for looking!

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Hi Dave


Thanks for the update :)


If Malwarebytes experiences the failed to restore from quarantine issue then the computer will need to be restarted first and then the error will no longer occur when attempting to unquarantine items.


Additionally an alternative way to configure Malwarebytes to ignore detections is to run a scan(to generate those detections). At the removal screen then make sure all required lines are unchecked and ask us to remove items. A secondary window will then be created where we offer the option to ignore once or ignore always. Selecting ignore always will automatically add items to the ignore list in the software.

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