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I am kind of seriously frustrated. I did report false positive IP addresses before for Geth.exe (Ethereum) and Parity Technologies ( https://parity.io/ )

I can't just report a couple of Ips that I added to the exclusion list... because I think that the applications calls a lot of different Ips. Since it's P2P....

I am doing Blockchain development with ETH and when I'm in my powershell I keep seeing Blocked Ips every single sec. So I have to quit Malwarebytes to continue my work. It's so so so so so so annoying.

I added the applications to the exclusion list, VIA folder. It still gives those annoying popups. I hope someone investigate what Ethereum is. Do you care?

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  • AdvancedSetup changed the title to You GUYS! Fix Blocking Geth

As far as I'm aware, the exclusions aren't managed or controlled by the website protection module, where applications are concerned. I'll need to speak to the dev team to confirm that.

The log file I need is the Protection log (see the Reports tab). As it's using P2P however, I expect this will be an ongoing issue until the application itself is excluded (if you've tried that already, it'll need filed as a bug report)

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On 7/14/2017 at 5:52 PM, MysteryFCM said:

Spoke to Support, can you create an exclusion for the program using the option in the screenshot attached please


I will update this thread if this helps with the website blocked popups.

Thanks for the information MysteryFCM, I really appreciate it. It looks good so far, I will give an update soon.

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