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Hi Guys,

I'm ChettuKindaDayyamNakemBhayyam, just joined this forum today. Hope I'll have a great time here.

I'm building a physical malware Lab at my home and am stuck at one point. Let me give some background before I post my query.

My malware lab consists of 3 Physical hosts

1) TEST PC 1 (Windows 7 Pro edition)

2) TEST PC 2 (Windows 7 Pro edition)

3) Proxy Server (Win2016 Server - Directly connected to Internet hosting all DNS, DHCP HTTP, etc .... daemons) 

Proxy Server has two NIC cards to it. First NIC card is connected to my ADSL modem using a network cable to connect to internet.

Second NIC card of the proxy server is connected to a switch.

TEST PC 1 and TEST PC 2 are also connected to the same switch.

My idea is to detonate malware on these TEST PC 1 and 2 and if the piece of malware tries to connect to a C&C, it should reach out the proxy server. 

I have configured the IPs in the below fashion:

TEST PC 1 IP Address : with default gateway as

TEST PC 2 IP Address: with default gateway as

Proxy Server second NIC IP Address:

Proxy Server first NIC IP Addres - Gets a DHCP address from my ADSL modem.

Now, my query is, how do I make these TEST PC 1 and 2 communicate with second NIC card of my Proxy server. For some reason the above network config doesnt seem to be working. 

Please help

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