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How to disable MB to log to mbae-protector.xpe?

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I've read that this log file "mbae-protector.xpe" is generated for technical support by MB, but what annoys me that in a few days it gets fragmanted to gazillion bits and bytes.

Just today I ran Defragler and it showed that this file was in 1346 pieces all over my hard disk. My hard disk is not an SSD one, but a good old mechanical type and I hate to see it writing all day to this log file when I don't need it at all. If I ever need it, I will turn it on for debugging but I'd like to disable this logging of MB. How do I do that? I have no problem editing the registry if that's what needs to be done.

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Last time I defragged my drive C: was about 2 days ago, so what you see on these pictures is the fragmantation result of two days.

I have the computer on all day, from 9am till midnight. Notice, that other MB files also get fragmented. I could post pictures again a week from now, if you want me to to see well over a thousand fragments reported by DeFraggler.

But let me ask you this question: Why can't a user, - who is paying for this product - disable Malwarebytes to log anything?





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Users can't disable logging because it's an important feature. If we only turned on logging after something occured, there's a good chance we'd never get the proper logs. The logs are very tiny, and we have caps on how big they can get before we overwrite them.

As for the fragmentation, that doesn't look to bad to be honest. Only a few hundred fragments, which is what I"m showing on my home computer as well that's had MB3 running for quite awhile. I'd be curious to see just how big the fragments actually get

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