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To be hounest, Iv'e seen most of those ducks before in real life, but I didn't know the name of any >_>

Check the first page it has a guide.

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I'm awfully sorry.

Please accept this peace offering.



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I must say that mallard is my favourite duck. Good eating! (and as a BASC member a good sporting bird)

2 young mallard

2 oz flour for dredging

2oz butter

roux (flour and butter kneaded together) for thickening if needed

1 tablespoon of redcurrent jelly

for the marinade:

8-10 juniper berries (or 2 tablespoons of good gin)

12 crushed black peppercorns

4 fl.oz of good red wine

juice of half a lemon

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Split each duck to make four pieces and mix all marinade ingredients together and pour over the ducks, leave for ~4 hours-turning occasionally.

Dab the ducks dry dredge the ducks in the flour and rub with flour and salt and pepper.

Put the duck in a pre-heated oven @ 220 C and roast for 20-30 mins.

Strain the marinade, add roasting juices add boil. if too sharp add the redcurrent jelly and if too thin add the roux.

Serve with watercress, roast potatoes, braised salsify and separate sauce.


Sorry I snapped at you earlier, I was just mad. Sorry.

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