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Removal of PUP's

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Hi @NolanTransport, yes, you can remove these by changing the detection settings within your policy. Getting a PUP No action taken means your console isn't fully configured yet. There's two stages to set up. You define what MBAM will be looking for and tagging for removal in Policy -> Scanner. In your scan scheduler or on demand scan you define what action will be taken on the items identified and tagged. See my screenshots... 


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This answer doesn't really address the question and there is not a middle ground option either.  Let's start with the options, you either have it no show the PUP in the results, or you have it show the PUP but don't see if it can be removed, or you have it show the PUP, and check for removal which actually will remove it automatically if possible.  Even with the option to check for removals, I will see a list of PUPs on a client and it will say <no action taken>.    I go to the client computer directly, and nothing shows up in quarantine so there is nothing to do to remove the PUP.  Also, if it did automatically remove the PUP, what if was something that was actually wanted?

This is what the minimum I expected when paying a large amount of money for this product.

There PUP should be identified, and give me, the admin, from the console, the ability to decide if it is wanted or unwanted, and then initiate the removal.  I shouldn't have to go sit at the client computer.   But even if I have to do that, I should be able to have a tab showing all the PUPs detected and then be able to remove them there.  Currently, they just don't show up.  I have to run a new manual complete scan to have them show up again so I can initiate a removal.  That is a lot of extra time, and is quite frankly, completely unacceptable.

I know you are just getting started in the central management game, so I'll be patient, but please start making some progress fast.

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With the console, it's all or nothing at the moment, you can only choose to remove it, or not remove by way of these options and only during the newest scans results, no action can be taken on past items (except for restore or ignore). Anything tagged as pup that you wish to keep will need to be added to the ignore list. Machines that are not honoring the policy and still showing no action taken, will need to be looked at for communication problems and communicator version mismatches between the console and the client, or look at what your schedule or on-demand scan action has been set to. If you have the pup option on but choosing not to take action with the scan, it will result in no action taken on the items tagged.


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