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Persistent blocking of website on VirusTotal


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Please assist me in getting hxxp://fundychiropractic.ca back in working order.

The domain still has been labelled as a "Phishing Site" by Malwarebytes hpHosts on VirusTotal. The old website has been removed and placeholder website on a new server has been setup. Both Sucuri and Quttera show it to be clean. However even after my last request nothing has changed with its status on VirusTotal, (although agreed it looked fine comment-1138870).

I have re-run the virus scans and reanalyse on VirusTotal, it stays with the phishing website flag.

Please advise on what is require to get the Malwarebytes hpHosts status on VirusTotal corrected.

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Sorry to be persistent. 

If you visit VirusTotal and scan the URL it shows the following. The reanalysis was just done and still show the below results.

Malwarebytes hpHosts      Phishing site  


According to VirusTotal's FAQ:

I am experiencing a false positive, my site should not be detected.

VirusTotal simply aggregates the output of different antivirus vendors and URL scanners, it does not produce any verdicts of its own. As such, if you are experiencing a false positive issue, you should notify the problem to the company producing the erroneous detection, they are the only ones that can fix the issue. Please note that even if we were able to remove the flag, the users of such product would still be blocked from accessing your site.

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On 7/2/2017 at 8:21 AM, Dashke said:

Hello Notonmylist,

Fortunately, we are not blocking this website. You can install MB and even check for yourself. :)

OK, this is becoming unacceptable. 2+ months of trying to assist this client and nobody will fix the issue for us.
I have talked to both side (VirusTotal and Malwarebytes) and both are saying your not blocking my site, however here we are still being blocked.
Here is the latest reply from VirusTotal:
Sorry, I would have to ask you to please reach out to Malwarebytes. We are pulling data directly from them and are not blocking anything, simply displaying it. 
We only aggregate data and don't modify any results, as the results come from our partners not from us.
Svetla Yankova - VirusTotal - www.virustotal.com

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