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Unable to install Malwarebytes 3.1.2

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I am unable to install the downloaded version 3 of Malwarebytes on my Win10 laptop. I have tried several times over several weeks with various variants of release 3 of the software and it always fails to install. In fact it doesnt seem to start the instalation process. There are no visible error messages and all I see is the the Win10 blue circle going around and around. I have once left this running for up to 30 minutes, but nothing further happens. I am able to successfully run AdWareCleaner, including a run today when it removed 12 items. BUT still no success with Malwarebytes. I also ran my AVAST quick scan, but nothing found. I also tried switching off all the AVAST shields and running Malwarebytes setup again, but no improvement here. Also switched off my software Firewall and tried again, but no success. Have also read several other similar posts on this forum, but the software and steps suggested advise that I only run the diagnostic software under the control of someone from the forum that understands these things.  Therefore, please advise on next steps to overcome this frustrating issue. Thank you.

Attached is output from MB-Check & FRST as requested.




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Thanks for the suggested Safe Mode, this worked successfully. I tried both the previously downloaded version of 3.1.2 version (circa May 2017) and also the latest available online - both installed and ran successfully in Safe Mode. No issues identified. Tried again in normal mode- still the original issue. Not sure what is causing the installation issue in normal mode, but at least I have a way around. Thanks again for your help.

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Unfortunately the installation is still not working in normal mode. Just the original issue, showing the windows blue circle going around. When the installation worked in Safe Mode, within a few seconds the installation asks about the language to use etc. In Normal Mode no such dialogue occurs.

However, the program that was successfully installed in Safe Mode does work successfully in Normal Mode. Sorry for any confusion.

Hope this helps.

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That is good to know that the product is working normally in the Regular mode.

Can you please post the setup logs from the Temp folder to the post. The setup file would look something like this: Setup Log 2017-06-22 #001.txt and will be in the Temp folder.

If you have multiple setup files, please attach all of them.

Thank you.

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