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Petya-esque variant ransomware and Beta8 AntiRansomware


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"A new strain of ransomware, a Petya-esque variant being called Petya/NotPetya, is swiftly spreading across the globe today"

Does the Beta8 AntiRansomware not provide protection?  I have held back from installing the Premium Malwarebytes Antimalware because of problems with its behaviour, even with version 3.1.2, because I live a considerable distance from the affected computers.

Is an update of the Beta version likely?

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Hello @hake:

Please take a look at the Zero-hour protection section of Petya-esque ransomware is spreading across the world.

Please remember, a system's geographic proximity to the original malware source matters little if infected email is opened or an infected website is visited, etc.

Except for the several Component Updates (CU), no new release, since September 6, 2016, to the perpetual BETA 8 version of MBARW (v0.9.17.661) or MB3's ARW module has been required.

Thank you for your question.

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Hello 1PW.   Thank you for your trouble in replying to this and for what you have to say.  I infer that BETA8 is still considered effective.

The recent ransomware difficulties seem to have particularly affected users on internal networks and the Microsoft patches seem to have corrected issues with SMBs among other networking things.  I deal with home users and so am exercised with the bad stuff from web sites and in emails.  Since MBAE Premium is deployed and those computers are fully patched, I suppose that I should not be too tense about the possibility of ransomware.  I look forward to being sufficiently confident to shift them over to MBAM3.

The MalwareBytes heads-ups are very valuable information.


My issues with distance is the distance that I have to drive when either of my wife's two sisters has a problem with her computer (this is known as The Homer Simpson Problem).

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