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I have used Malwarebytes pro for some years, the latest version being, installed from the download file mb3-setup-consumer-

My subscription came up for renewal on 13th June. I renewed it that day and paid the renewal fee to Cleverbridge. They confirmed receipt and the payment is shown in my bank statement.

Cleverbridge sent me a receipt with an ID and Key, which were unchanged from those I had previously.used. They also sent a download link to mb3-setup-cb.NT-

I re-entered the ID and Key (by cut and paste to avoid errors), but Malwarebytes still showed its status as "Expired". I uninstalled it, downloaded the version from Cleverbridge's link and put in the ID and Key again. It still shows "Status: Expired - premium subscription temporarily extended".

I telephoned Cleverbridge and they could not explain why it does not show as renewed. They said it must be a technical problem, which they could not help with and which I should refer to Malwarebytes.

On 14th June I emailed Malwarebytes at "reply-fe9515767d64047576-159101_HTML-297367400-6356537-1@reply.malwarebytes.com" (in reply to a message from them asking me to renew). I received no reply, so I sent emails again to "support@malwarebytes.com" on 16th June and 20th June.

I still have had no reply, and I am concerned that the temporary extension of Malwarebytes will soon come to an end and I will lose its protection.

I wonder whether this forum will be a more effective way of resolving this problem.



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Further to my message above, on browsing this forum I found references to MB-clean as a program to reinstall Malwarebytes in case of any corruption. I downloaded and ran MB-clean and it appeared to run correctly up to the stage of requiring a computer restart. After that it asked whether I wanted to download and reinstall Malwarebytes. I said "yes" and it displayed a dialogue box with what appeared to be a progress bar, but the bar remained blank. When I decided that it was not going to do anything I closed the box and it then said that I should send you a text file it would put on my desktop showing its results. No such file appeared.  Status is still shown as expired.

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6 minutes ago, nikhils said:

1. Download the latest MB 3 installer from : https://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mb3
2. Run the installer on top of your existing product. (Note you don't have to uninstall anything, just run the installer again)

3. After installing over can you see if you can activate the product?

Thanks. I have done that, and it still says "Expired" and asks me to update payment information. What next should I try?

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Thanks, yes, it's now showing as renewed. I'm grateful for your help.

Did my three previous email messages about this not get through to your support team, or do they just have a big backlog of messages to deal with? Is this forum the preferred channel for support?


Leonard Will

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Hi @Leonard_Will

Glad to know you were able to renew.

The support did get your tickets. Its just that they have been swamped lately with a few issues so they have not  gotten to all the queues.

Sometime its just easier to post to the forums as there are several dedicated helpers here who can direct you to the correct resource.

Thank you

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Hello, Leonard_Will/Nikhils  . FYI, I have, amongst several others, a licence for 3 PC's--this laptop being one of them. My subscriptions are also handled by Cleverbridge but are set for automatic renewal. I don't have to do anything, the licence automatically renews and my credit card is debited. Now this one was originally purchased on the 23rd. June 2014 and had both an ID and Key. It renewed successfully in 2015 and 2016. This time though after renewal, it only has a licence.  The email I received from Cleverbridge gave me the key as per the original, namely ID and Key, which I think is no longer valid. Perhaps this is what happened in your case.  Perhaps MWB are issuing just licences now instead of ID/Key and Cleverbridge are just sending the original ID/Key ---they don't know the new licence.

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