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Upgrade to Malwarebytes 3 blocked

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Hello @NichoCSS and :welcome:

Thank you for reporting the system's issue.  The Malwarebytes' staffers/helpers must have good log data for a quality fault analysis to begin.

  1. Please save your work and close all running user applications for your convenience. applications for your convenience.

  2. Please follow the steps within the locked/pinned topic at Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps.

  3. In your next reply to your topic, please only attach the three (3) separate files that are developed above: mb-check-results.zip, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt.

Thank you.

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Hello @NichoCSS:

Please delete the obsolete mb-check-

Next, please uninstall the Business version of MBAE v1.8.2.1044.  Then, please uninstall the Business version of MBAE v1.9.2.1413.  Malwarebytes' staffers do not advise any versions of MBAE be installed with Malwarebytes 3 (MB3).

Please attach the first archive .zip file that is generated by: 


That generated file's name will be mb-check-results.zip.  That desired archive contains many sub-directories, etc.

Thank you.

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Hello @NichoCSS

  1. Please restart the W7Pro system to the NORMAL boot mode and log into the Director account.
  2. Download MB-Clean from within the sticky at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/196955-malwarebytes-support-tools/?do=findComment&comment=1116748 and save only to the Director desktop.
  3. Right-click the MB-Clean.exe icon and select "Run as administrator" from the system's context menu.
  4. Allow the MB-Clean tool to run and download/restart/install the latest release version of Malwarebytes 3 (MB3) to its conclusion.
  5. MB3's databases will not yet be current.  Please update the databases and restart the W7Pro system and run a Threat Scan.
  6. If you have a license to activate MB3 to the Premium edition, please activate now.
  7. Please reply to this topic with your progress.  Thank you.
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