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F(u)eature Request for malware bytes


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Hi, I am a long user of malware bytes and it is a wonderful product and glad to hear that it also now changed from mere malware remover, some more aspects are added in the new version. I would suggest, that when you include so much , like web protection, etc, there is a need to look in the gateway of internet access, where the attackers could steal your data without you ever knowing anything , as the attack is inside the gateway , ie, modem/router. Router is not a electronic gadget like any other gadget and it is being exploited by so much persons to trigger DDos, Dos attack , denial of service attacks, spamming with the users identity etc, dns hijack, dns spoofing only name a few.

                                     Malware bytes could also turn their attention to the router security, which is essential for secured browsing. Hope that some staff member would see this and escalate the matter to the technical team to start looking in routers. Possible clue of the attacks on ports could be seen from shields up, router security F secure, and so many articles. Even ransomware attack atleast says that your computer is compromized but those router attack will not show anything , but stealing and compromizing computers.

                                      Indications are redirection to suspicious websites, asking you to update adobe flashplayer when it is already updated, popup of clicks that are not related to genuine sites, and most of all, watching the internet activity of the computer in remote areas . if anything is done on that , or already done in this regard , please let me know. thanks 

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