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Cannot scan

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Good morning.   I do hope someone can help me please.

I cannot scan my computer, I normally do this every morning, but now I am coming up with a screen that says I am not Fully protected.

I have Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2.

I will attach some screen prints so that you will be able to see.

I do hope I have given you enough information

Many thanks







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Hello @Alana_:

Thank you for reporting the system's issue.  The Malwarebytes' staffers/helpers must have good log data for a quality fault analysis to begin.

  1. Please save your work and close all running user applications for your convenience. applications for your convenience.

  2. Please follow the steps within the locked/pinned topic at Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps.

  3. In your next reply to your topic, please only attach the three (3) separate files that are developed above: mb-check-results.zip, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt.

Thank you.

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Hello @Alana_:

Thank you for the archive in your post #3.  Please try and generate the final two files from step #5 of the locked/pinned topic that has you run the Farbar Recovery Scan tool.  Those files are FRST.txt, and Addition.txt.

Thank you again

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Thank you Firefox, I am not sure if my desktop XP is 32 0r 64. (which I am working on now).. I know my laptop is 64 (Windows 10)... I will have to try find out

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@Alana_ can you please attach both of those files to your response, similar to how you attached mb-check-results.zip earlier? Thanks!

Also, can you please try the steps below just so we can get a bit more information? Thank you!

  1. Open Malwarebytes
  2. Go to Settings -> Application
  3. Turn on the option for "Event Log Data"
  4. Close Malwarebytes completely by right-clicking the Malwarebytes icon in the system tray (next to the clock) and choosing "Quit Malwarebytes"
  5. Wait for 30 seconds
  6. Double click the Malwarebytes icon on your desktop to open Malwarebytes again
  7. Once Malwarebytes comes up, wait 60 seconds and see if the protections turn back off
  8. After waiting 60 seconds, please run a scan like you normally would
  9. After the scan finishes (or fails) please run mb-check again just like you did with @1PW near the beginning
  10. Please upload the new mb-check-results.zip file from your desktop to your reply


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Hello Devin, oh dear, I wil try my best..not sure now how I did any of this, but I still have them all open, so will try my best..I will try to send the notepads first, please bear with me, I am not very brave..Alana x

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The scan has finished and it said all was okay..  I cannot find a log file for it though..the one I sent this morning was on my desktop.. I have looked but not another one there... I will upload the zip file again, mahybe you can see things you need...so sorry to be so stupid.


Thank you so much for helping me. x


I will keep looking for a log


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