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Update 3.1.2 locks up PC

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When I clicked on the "Malwarebytes pop up" to update, it locked up my Windows 7 PCs.  PC was not responsive, task manager would not load, so I had to hold the power button and shut down the PC.  This happened to 3 PCs, so I am reluctant to install on other PCs as yet, especially our 2 servers, one a VM and the other a backup server.  After the PC started back up, it did update MB to version 3.1.2 and seems to be OK, scan ran as scheduled today.  


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6 minutes ago, DRPT said:

especially our 2 servers

Reference: System Requirements and OS support for Malwarebytes 3.0

Unfortunately, the Consumer/Home edition of Malwarebytes 3.0 does not support any Microsoft Server. You may wish to contact a business product representative through the Malwarebytes' business unit at their URL: https://www.malwarebytes.com/business/

Thank you for your continued interest in Malwarebytes' products.

There are also some issues reported with Symantec Endpoint Protection


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Well I've had similar concerns with such updating...

Old PC, running XP SP3 (X86).  Had latest 2.2.1.xx installed and was working flawlessly until recently when prompted to update to 3.1.2.xx.  Installation froze and eventually had to manually shut down and reboot.  Eventually newer version starts up and functions, but this version has some serious issues (will discuss that in a separate thread).  So I installed 3.2.1.xx and reverted to the 2.2.1.x which is far more stable and takes less time to launch.

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