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Problem with OneNote sync since June Microsoft updates

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I am running the latest public build of Malwarebytes 3, Windows 10 Pro computer, Office 2013.  I have two notebooks in OneDrive.  One notebook synchronizes with the consumer OneDrive, and still has no problem.  The other notebooks synchronizes with OneDrive for Business, and has been working without problem for a couple of years.

Now it will no longer synchronize when I make changes.  I get a notice that it can not communicate with the server.  I have put in an Exception to MWB for the website (my company name)-mysharepoint.com, and a program exception for the onenote.exe executable.  Once I exit MalwareBytes, I then have no problem synchronizing the changes on the notebook.  This does not affect receiving changes on the notebook, when my wife or myself make changes using our iPhones and the OneNote app. 

While exiting Malwarebytes does provide an effective work-around (and I don't change this notebook usually more than a few times a week), whatever has caused this change most likely affects others.  My guess as an IT professional is that Microsoft has changed something in the method that they use for authentication, which MWB is then blocking as questionable.

Thanks for any help.


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Hello @MoodyBluesKeys and :welcome:

Thank you for reporting the system's issue.  The Malwarebytes' staffers/helpers must have good log data for a quality fault analysis to begin.

  1. Please save your work and close all running user applications for your convenience. applications for your convenience.

  2. Please follow the steps within the locked/pinned topic at Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps.

  3. In your next reply to your topic, please only attach the three (3) separate files that are developed above: mb-check-results.zip, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt.

Thank you.

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no.  Test method:  Open Office365 login using IE, login.  use menu in upper left to open OneDrive, verify that I can browse around and file names/dates on a couple of files.  That does work, however:

Next - open OneNote Online, which opens and shows a list of my notebooks.  Attempt to open the notebook in question. Browser times out, "Can't reach this page"  https://pro******************-mysharepoint.com.

Verify by shutting down MWB, then open OneNote Online, open the notebook, opens properly and can add and remove items, they do synchronize.


Another thing just found:  I added a third exclusion to MWB. First one is to website ****-mysharepoint.com,  second one is executable in Office15 onenote.exe, just added onenotem.exe  (the only other executable that clearly refers to OneNote).  NOW I can add and remove stuff from the OneNote program on the computer and it synchronizes.  Note that this does not fix the issue on the Web based OneNote program.

At least on this computer, I normally use the executable, rarely opening the web link to Office365 unless I have some management to do.  The above is an acceptable work-around for the problem, but it would still be interesting to know exactly what has changed.  I don't presently use my SharePoint site for anything else, and have considered moving the notebook in question to my personal OneDrive (consumer) account.  I would just have to setup my wife's computer and iPhone to log into MY OneDrive account, and she doesn't use her OD account.  One is supposed to be able to share information in OneDrive with others, but I have found that this doesn't work when using the Apple app for iPhone and iPad.

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Thanks for the clarification. In the second step you outlined above:

"Next - open OneNote Online, which opens and shows a list of my notebooks.  Attempt to open the notebook in question. Browser times out, "Can't reach this page"  https://pro******************-mysharepoint.com."

Does this open OneNote on your machine, or does it open a web based OneNote in your browser?

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opened the web based OneNote in the browser.  To clarify - I first log in to my Office365 subscription using the browser.  The web based OneNote, Word, Excel, and all of the other Office365 online features are then available through the browser.  Useful if I happen to be somewhere on someone else's computer who may not even have Office (or Windows).


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