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having trouble w MS word and malwarebytes

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spoke w microsoft on 2 separate occasions re this. They keep insisting I shut off malwarebytes while using office 365. Are they nuts?

what is happening is this : word docs (when go to save or save as) and select PC and docs, freezes , keeps circling or says "working on it."

This is indefinite and then have to restart and when do the docs come up as retrieved and when go to save, same prob.

Have lost hours on this problem and the stress of losing the docs has been awful.

MS uninstalled all of 365 and re installed - still no help. works if shut off MB all together , but no way do I want to be without MB or Word so help please.

Today, when I turned on comp and went to open word, it said: "word didn't open. you need to try in safe mode to possibly correct the prob."

that made me nervous, but I did. I could save but not save as and then went out of safe mode still same prob so either way not good :-( Please help).

oh btw, i have a 64 bit. when I bought office 365 and it asked 32 or 64 , i chose 64.and all has been fine. Today MS reinstalled under 32 bit and when I asked,

he said because office was 2010 and it would make the programs work best.??? First of all, if  when we buy 365 now we receive the latest which would be 2016, what the heck is he talking about? I am mentioning this because in some posts i saw here, you mention that we need to use the version of MB with our 32 or 64. so now what ? 

I did do a check btw, see attached. thank you.


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