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What does MalwareBytes provide that KIS does not? And vice versa

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Can anyone explain what exactly MalwareBytes provides that another name brand AV like Kaspersky Internet Security does not provide?

MalwareBytes has always been a "compliment" to other AVs. I'm just trying to understand what that actually means in real terms.

The vague answer of Kaspersky is an "anti-virus" and MalwareBytes is "anti-malware" does NOT answer the question. It's vague and doesn't mean anything because malware is really just an umbrella term. From what I understand, Kaspersky detects not just viruses but adware, spyware, rootkits, etc... In other words, it is "anti-malware." Also, supposedly it doesn't just use definitions but uses heuristics too.

So what does MalwareBytes offer to complement that? What concrete benefits do I gain by adding MalwareBytes?


Also: On the flip side, I'm seeing that with the newest version, now MalwareBytes is promoting that it "Makes Antivirus obsolete," implying that it's no longer a complement but can be used instead of another antivirus entirely. So what benefits do I gain from having Kaspesky installed as well? Or is that no longer recommended?


This is a serious question designed to understand the need for both. I'm not affiliated with Kaspersky or any other antivirus provider. I'd just like a concrete answer that's not as vague as "well that's anti-virus and this is anti-malware" that I've found from searching.

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Malwarebytes is an antimalware program that focusses on malware (ransomware, bankers, exploits, RATs) and progressively gravitates to an antivirus program. That's because the world of threats is evolving constantly.

Kaspersky is a traditional antivirus program that progressively gravitates to an antimalware program. That's because the world of threats is evolving constantly.

But, as Rudyard Kipling once wrote 'Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet'.

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16 hours ago, Buddel said:

I find CuriousUser's question interesting, and I would also like a concrete, technical answer to this question.

Thank you. Unfortunately, as I expected (but hoped would not happen), the answer I received was along the vague lines of "Kaspersky is [primarily] antivirus; Malwarebytes is [primarily] antimalware."

16 hours ago, Telos said:

I'm sure you'll ask this same question on Kaspersky forum. What's the chance of consensus?

I'm not really asking "which is better" -- surely, as you're alluding to, the respective forums will choose their own.
Kaspersky, I think, markets itself as a whole-security product. So they'd probably state that's all you need. MalwareBytes has long marketed itself as a supplement. I do believe it makes more sense to first ask those that market themselves as a supplement why they believe the supplement is beneficial. However, I did also end my original post with the "flip side" question. Assuming I'd receive a response to that that states "no you actually don't really need Kaspersky too" and explains why, then it would make sense for me to hop over onto those forums and ask why they think I do need Kaspersky and their opinion on what MalwareBytes is lacking. One step at a time.

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