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Is the free version only has threat scan? and none other in the new version

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Hi, Is the new verison only has threat scan for free version users? I did not find custom scan and the other tab, which were available in the previos versions.? are there any settings mistake that i made is responsible for vanishing of those custom scans and other tab options from scan tab options.

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I really do not know what you are seeing - if the following doesn't deal with your query please post more details or a screen shot. 

The menu runs down the left side of the screen - select the Scan "Tab"
This has the same three options as previous versions of the program 
- Threat Scan, Custom Scan and Hyper Scan 
Hyper Scan is only available to users of the Premium or Trial modes

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I think what you are seeing when you select the Scan option in the left hand list are the results of the previous scan. If you press close on that window in the bottom right it will take you back to the dashboard. If you select Scan again you should see the three options for Threat Scan, Custom Scan and Hyper Scan.

Hope this helps.



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4 hours ago, jraju said:

Hi, MJL how to update now. Previously i just click update button in the dashboard. But i do not find. Pl tell where it is . I make it a point to apply one update per day before i close the session

Click the blue text as shown in the image.


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Hi, Thanks Jimy,

I tried . It shows current, so l tried, but it updated some thing, as i could see the progress bar. current means as if updated. Thanks update button is current, if there is any update , you have to click to update, even it shows current. Malwarebytes team could also show the version there as in the previous version. Now, one has to get the information in ABOUT tab. Previously, i was watching , the no of updates numbers like -1,-2 etc in the dashboard in the update menu


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