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Can't connect to service or uninstall to fix

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Hello Malwarebytes posters,

I have experienced some sort of error with the service in that I originally installed it and it was working for about 3 days. Shortly thereafter, it abruptly stopped functioning as intended. I am locked out of it entirely, and it will not activate or allow me to uninstall. My computer is stable as far as I am aware aside from this abberant occurrence though given the prevalence of information technology related issues it wouldn't surprise me if there is some more problematic going on.

Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Having trouble with latest release installation.  Could not connect to "Your Service".  Went to my system directory and saw a "New" entry along with existing entry.  Could not connect to service with either.  I thought I had to uninstall older version, so I went and uninstalled it.  Both versions were uninstalled.  I cannot find how to reinstall.  Can anyone HELP????

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Here's the images, I am going to post the logs after clicking the link and following the steps. It had some semblance of working while my computer was online yesterday following the newer installation but it regressed to its old problems upon restart.

Uninstall error.png

Failed start up.png

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There's a known issue with MB3 and F-Secure. To fix this, go into F-Secure settings to the following page and click the exclusions link at the bottom. Then add C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware to the exclusions. Then restart and your issue should be resolved


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