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Web Exclusion Requests in System Tray Menu

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I'm running MWB Premium 3.1.2.

Can anyone explain why requests for web exclusions for particular IP addresses occasionally appear in the MWB System Tray menu?

Could it have anything to do with my using uTorrent?

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It would definitely have something to do with uTorrent.  You would also get the same symptoms when using Skype.  IP addresses that you connect to -- and those who connect to you -- may have some users who are "good guys" while other users are "bad guys".  We block addresses because of known or suspected malicious activity.  If you read the forums over time, you will also see some false positives due to turnover on ownership of the IPs...the bad guys are gone and someone new now has the address.

The bottom line is that unless you know that each and every user attached to that IP is trustworthy, do not make an exclusion.

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Many thx for your prompt response and your advice however I'm not referring to notifications of blocked IP's which I understand.

My concern is that requests to add web exclusions sometimes appear in the menu when I click on the MWB icon in the system tray.

How do they get into the menu appearing as if they are being handled by MWB?

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I just had to do one to see.  I tried to go to a site which is blocked.  Malwarebytes blocked it.  I did not add an exclusion and the notification went away after a few seconds.  Then I went to the system tray and clicked on the Malwarebytes icon.  I had all of the program choices there as well as the opportunity to add an exclusion.  It likely came and went while you were using uTorrent, and you became aware of the last one blocked by the notification you spotted.

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