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Can I change from Unmanaged to Managed Users?

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Hi @Stan408, the two builds types cannot convert each other. You will need to remove all unmanaged builds before deploying the managed builds or it will create a copnflict and cause the managed build deployed over the unmanaged build to not respond to the console's administrative commands.

To make your life easier, here's a link to a Malwarebytes software cleaner in MSI form so that you may script a mass removal - https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/rck2gbt0kqqdp8iw1uk7u6pmjg0gajkr

This tool, ran locally, will run silently and prevent a reboot. However, if you script it via GPO or SCCM, you will need to add arguments for it to run silently and prevent reboot. Additionally, even though the cleaner can prevent a reboot, a reboot must be performed before deploying the managed version after the cleaning takes place.


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Hi @Stan408, technically yes, however the standalone build does not have the keystone license enforcement portion, only the management console does. At this time, it does not restrict you going over, it merely tells you how many seats are in use for the machines which are managed by the console.

Managed versus standalone, the difference lies within visibility of the systems to the admin, and the centralized management, detection and remediation capabilities within the console. All system controllable from a single place, or systems that will require remote or deskside visits to setup.

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