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Unable to connect the Service - MBAM Premium

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Hi All

I have reviewed a pile of similar cases here and was hoping to find someone else's answer that would apply to my own issue but so far no good.  I had trouble with MBAM and searched for a fix then got really busy and forgot about it until I restarted my system today. 

I had downloaded and installed Metasploit last month from Rapid7 thinking I would find out if the protection I'm running on my system was really doing a good job but I didn't take the time to go deep enough to understand how to go about executing the tests so I left that go for a while.  This morning I found this link while searching for answers to my MBAM issue:  Use Metasploit to hack others

I didn't realize it was an exploit tool- I just saw it as a way to test my own network/systems.

I ran the Beta anti-rootkit and it came up clean. 

My MBAM won't start and won't uninstall. 

I uninstalled Metasploit and rebooted and had to install Emsisoft Internet Security again as it was bunged up as well.

I attached my MB-Check-Results.txt as I see that is being requested in a case like this.  Right now I am not certain what I did with my license key for my MBAM Premium and hope to be able to keep using it as it was a lifetime license.

Thanks in advance




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Hello @ItsMeAgain

Seems like you are using the older build of Mb 3.x

I would recommend upgrading to the latest CU 1.0.141 build.

We have another tool called MB-Clean which will automate the whole process for you.

Tool can be found at : https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean

1. After downloading the tool run the tool.
2. Tool will automatically clean up the older 3.0.5 product and will ask you for a restart.
3. Restart your system and then the MB-Clean tool will prompt you to re-install the latest product .
4. Click on "Yes" to reinstall MB 3.×.
5. Now you will have the latest product installed.

Please let me know if you are still seeing issues after the latest product install.

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