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Ran mb-clean to solve "can't connect to server" now 3rd HD isn't recognised

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Hi there, brand new to these forums and have only been using Malwarebytes premium for a couple of months - it was installed into a brand new windows 10 PC.


Earlier today I was given the prompt to upgrade MWB. After I did so I was getting the "unable to connect to service" error upon restarting windows and also when trying to open the application manually. The mwb service was not showing up at all within windows service console.

I found guidance on these forums for using the malwarebytes removal tool (mb-clean) to properly remove mwb whilst capturing the license information. I downloaded mb-clean and followed the instructions and received the prompts that the instructions indicated I should receive.

After re-starting for the first time after using the removal tool, one of my hard drives (there are three in the PC - this one is brand new with the clean win10 install) is no longer recognised by Windows, or the BIOS... I have done restarts into safe mode and booted into the bios and there is no reference to this hard drive.  I have also tried to windows system restore to before the mwb update and system restore fails.

I'm desperately hoping that someone here can please provide some assistance on what to do next. 

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Hello and Welcome... Sorry to hear your having issues.

The MB clean tool should not affect how your hard drives work, or the bios for that matter

Let's get some logs this first so that the team can review them to see if we can tell what may be going on here....

  1. please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: mb-check-results.zip, FRST.txt, Addition.txt)

Please let us know how it goes.

Thank You,


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Hi there, the two requested log files are attached. Sorry for the delayed response - as I mentioned in my first post I've been travelling for work for two days and only just home.

When I turned on the PC this evening, the third HD is now recognised and booted up normally. And I have not done anything at all to this PC since having the error. I have no idea what has happened system wise to cause the issue and for it to now be resolved. I turned off/on and restarted the computer multiple times after the HD first 'disappeared' (including booting into safe mode and bios), so I'm completely stumped. Perhaps the log files that I've provided will help answer the question ?



Log files.rar

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hi there. it wasn't knowingly filtered. I've just saved the system logs again and uploaded, this is the steps I went through:

(from the event viewer): Windows Logs / System

selected "filter current log..." and made sure that nothing was checked, hit "clear".

Still on System log, right click,  "save all events as..." saved to file name.

In the Display Information box, selected the "display information for these languages: english"

repeated the same process for Application logs

new logs are attached

Log Files v2.rar

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