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Malwarebytes 3.0x getting slower with each update - 2

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From AdvancedSetup on June 6


Okay, thank you for your feedback Mike. Please keep an eye out for updates and if or when you decide to allow us to help you please let us know.

I'll go ahead then and close this topic.

Take care


".. if or when you decide to allow us to help you" !!!

Cheeky! I followed your suggestions here, submitted logs etc over a several days. Then the same advice was repeated. It was going round in circles. So I did allow you to help me, but you were unable to do so.

Now I think the only way you can help me is by contacting me when MWB has been updated from v3.1.2.1733. I have switched off the update notifications in v2.2.1.1043 because they are a nuisance and I could inadvertently trigger an update to the woeful v3.1.2.1733.

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29 minutes ago, Porthos said:

They were not finished. You gave up and said you had no time to waste in this post.



Starting from 13 April until 6 June, I have spent many hours diligently following your suggestions and trying to help you debug your software. Suggestions were repeated on occasion. Then came a series of "Try switching this", "Try switching that", each taking several reboots over a few days and each proving futile. My conclusion was that this was just thrashing around, trying to locate a random flaw in the software. I think it was a reasonable conclusion that you were unable to help with this particular version and that an update was needed. But I hope you can PM me when there is an update.

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