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Hello! First time posting here, so I'm sorry for the long post.

I transitioned from Mac to Windows a while back & I use Windows Defender in conjunction with Malwarebytes All is running well, until one night after I full scanned my laptop using Windows Defender. After that, every time I try scanning with Malwarebytes, it seems to hang in two places: Startup Items(once) & Scan File System(many times). The last scan I did was this.


I tried killing it by cancelling the scan, right-clicking MB's taskbar icon & selecting 'Quit Malwarebytes'(killing it in Taskbar & just closing the window still makes the scan continuing when I re-open it), but that will result in an 'Unable to connect to server' & Malwarebytes closing if I re-open it. I tried uninstalling using CCleaner's Uninstall section, Control Panel, mb-clean.exe & Malwarebytes' own uninstaller, but most of the time, the uninstaller will be stuck too, forcing me to kill it.

I don't know what to do now. The only virus I got was Win32/Gamarue.gen!A, which is already quarantined & banished by Windows Defender. Yet, Malwarebytes still has this problem. Please help me, thanks in advance!









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Hello @amsyarZeRo:

Do not worry about the length of your post and thank you for capturing the informative screenshot.

1) Please re-run the mb-check- data gathering tool and post the entire mb-check-results.zip file that generates and attach to your next reply.

2) Please go to @dcollins's recent post to another member at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/202182-malewarebytes-stuck-at-file-v2/?do=findComment&comment=1133031 and follow Devin's step #1.

3) Run another MB3 Threat Scan and if the scan fails to advance, please do not disturb the Threat Scan progress window and capture in another screenshot if the pathname displayed is not C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\C_GSM7.DLL, and paste/post (as you did in your original post) along with the relevant information from step 4 that follows.

4) While the undisturbed/hanging Threat Scan is still present, please follow Devin's step #2 and advise where the zip/archive file may be found.

Thank you again.

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Sorry for the late reply! I was away from my laptop for a few days. Anyway, here's all the things you asked for.

0) I re-installed it again using the latest mb-clean. mb-clean-results.txt

1) mb-check-results.zip

2) Followed.




4) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1Gfghyi5E9KZGt3NzRsR1VqRkk

I also logged all of the things I did in Malwarebytes. Here's the report. Thanks again for helping me!

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I apologize for the delay here, but it looks like your mbamservice log is not showing the information we need. If you're still having this issue, can you please try the following:

  1. Open Malwarebytes
  2. Go to Settings -> Application
  3. Turn ON the option for Event Log Data
  4. Run a scan that causes the issue you see
  5. Run mb-check and upload the zip file


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@amsyarZeRo sorry  for the delay here. Can you please grab the following file so we can take a look at what's going on in your system?

  1. Download FRST from the following URL and save it to your desktop: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/frst64
  2. Download the attached fixlist.txt and save it to your desktop: fixlist.txt
  3. Run FRST and accept any prompts that show up
  4. Click the Fix button and let the process finish
  5. Upload the fixlog.txt file from your desktop

We believe one of the entries in this section is causing our issue and want to take a look. Thanks!

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