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malewarebytes not scanning foe rootkits

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I had the issue where even the rootkits were set to scan in setting, the logs were saying rootkits disabled. 


i performed the the mb check and and clean procedure and malwarebytes was reinstalled and all seems fine. but im posting the log files that i was asked to post for review to make sure i dont have other issues. thank you.





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Greetings and welcome :) 

Are you referring to the logs from your scheduled scans showing rootkit scanning disabled?  If so, that setting must be configured for your scheduled scan(s) in order to become active for scheduled scans.  Navigate to the Scan Schedule tab under Settings and double-click on the scheduled scan entry (you'll have to repeat this process for each scheduled scan if you have more than one) and click the Advanced button at the bottom of the pop-up dialog.  Check the box next to Scan for Rootkits and click OK.  You may then close the UI if there are no additional scheduled scans to edit; if there are, then repeat the process for each of them and then close the main UI once you're done.  Your scheduled scans should now execute with rootkit scanning enabled.

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yes yes, i am 100% aware that scanning rootkits is not set as a default and I did indeed it to scan.   I actually found a case here where this situation was acknowledged as an issue,  I performed the steps outlined in the post here somewhere (stating to use mb-check and mb-clean) and reinstall.  That fixed my problem, but at teh end of the process a message came up from the md-clean tool i think saying to send the log files to you.

That request was the reason i opened a case. I thought maybe you all wanted to see the log files to determine what had happened and to confirm that all is well now. thats all.




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