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Powershell - Sporadically blocked by Anti-Malware


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I wrote a Powershell script that uploads and downloads files through FTP.

The script is located on a server, and 5 computers have shortcuts that point to the script. Anti-Exploit is running on all computers and managed through the Management console on the server.

One of the computers occasionally blocks this file and identifies it as an exploit. ("Exploit Payload process blocked"). Once the computer is restarted or anti-exploit is restarted, we don't have issues for days at a time.  The issue ONLY occurs on this specific computer, and only sporadically.

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  • Staff

Hey Dgar,


Just wanted to confirm something based on what I was seeing in the log. Is this powershell script using Vbscript to launch the intended file? If so, you may just need to disable the vbscript protection in the advanced settings (the one under application behavior protection) and you shouldn't see this issue. 

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Nope; not using Vbscript. Everything is handled in the Powershell script (using Powershell commands). The shortcut on each computer points to the powershell script on the server.

What were you seeing that made you think Vbscript? 

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  • Staff

Hi dgar,

It looks like you are on a very old version of the product. Can you please update to the latest version You can simply turn on auto-upgrade as in the below screenshot and all your machines will get updated to the latest version. If you want to manually install the latest, the links below have the latest installers. Let us know if you still face this issue after upgrade. Thank you.

https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/pwqe77dca702haxz3ni0z744f8ydwtjd  (EXE)

https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/v47819ud1loenw1ffgb6nasi4vjvy3bi  (MSI)



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