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Monitor problem

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I had this AOC LCD monitor 19 inch for about a year now. And today i noticed a new humming noise coming from the back of it. When i unplug it or turn off the monitor, the humming stops, and turn it back on the humming starts again. Its not over heating cuz it starts humming as soon as PC boots. Any1 knows wats going on here?

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No I don't but if its less than a year I would check the warranty, on it. Or if you have a spare unplug that one and try another one. Are you plugged into an APC-UPS? You may want to remove the plug & just plug it in the wall and see if it makes a noise... I've seen bad house wireing cause an AC ground hum... Storms & Lighting, can mess things up also. I had an answering maching, that lighting hit the phone box outside, and it flew 4 feet up in the air!

Check your wireing again.....regards.....

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Humming would generally mean there's a power issue of some sort or a short somewhere. I had an LCD that started doing this years ago and eventually it quit turning on. I had to take it in for a warranty repair to get it fixed, it was, as I recall an issue with an internal power source or something similar (they only gave me a basic explanation and it was long ago), but since getting it fixed it still works fine to this day :) .

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