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MWB Corporate 1.80.2.xxxx

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I just got an email notice today that an update is available for Management Console 1.8.  I don't use the Management Console.  I keep getting the feeling that I bought an orphan product, since all other MWB products get upgrades but not my business version.  What's up with that?  It appears to me that you support enterprise clients but little guys like me are left dangling in the wind.  I have 3 separate MWB programs running on my PC:  MWB Anti-Malware, MWB Anti-Exploit, and MWB Anti-Ransomware.  How about consolidating these programs and providing auto updating so that I stay current?

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Share on other sites is current, this version of MBAM 1.80 was released 2/9/16, it is stable and doesn't need very much in the way of changes to the main program. You are still using the same database signature as all other Malwarebytes Anti-Malware products.

MBMC originally released on 3/20/17 in order to fix AD issues with the previous console versions and bring some new management features. However, this release had a bug in the check-in timer and was patched to on 4/10/17. Now that this version has proven to be stable, we are emailing small portions of business subscribers at a time that it is ready if they want it.

We are already in the works for a new consolidated business product managed via a next gen cloud console, you may have noticed the beta for Malwarebytes Incident Response going on in the business support section of the forum - https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/227-malwarebytes-incident-response-includes-breach-remediation/

This is the stepping stone into Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, which will contain Malwarebytes 3.0 tech for the business folks. This will have the three main products together as a single footprint agent. The targeted release is the end of Q2, although I have no specific date I can share.

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Thanks for the explanation, Dyllon.  I also received an email from AndyPP that brought my attention to an exception in the Terms of Use for Home version.  I was unaware that I could compliantly use the Home version in my small business.  Wish I had known this.  I am a one-man professional shop (and one-woman assistant :) ) with less than 10 devices that need MWB protection.  I have been a MWB customer for many years but did not see the exception clause in the TOS until now.  I was under the impression that I was not to use the Home version for my business PCs, hence I bought the Corporate version for a recently acquired workstation PC.  I run Windows 10 Professional on all my devices.  I do not use Windows Server.   I think the Home 3 version would suffice for my purposes... any chance I could switch the Corporate version over to the Home 3?

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I'm in a similar situation and I can't seem to get or find a straight answer. I have 7 computers (mostly Windows 10 but one is Windows Server 2008R2). All unmanged stand alone installs.

I understand I am permitted to use either product, but which product SHOULD I be using from a technical standpoint?  The 3 separate Business products (anti-exploit, anti-ransom, anti-malware) or the new single Home product (malwarebytes 3.0) ?  

Does one work better than the other (at threat prevention; minimal use of computer resource; scanning speed; etc) ?  I can not find any pros & cons to compare.




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Hi @maniacmark, you can use the consumer 3.0 if you are under 10 seats but really, you should be using the business versions. If you have server's to protect, 3.0 is not advisable, it does not yet support server OS and the Anti-Ransomware portion within it straight up does not support server OS at all. If you do decide to use it anyway, the MBARW portion must be disabled on any servers to which it is installed.

  • Threat prevention is equal = they use the same signatures.
  • Resource usage is dependent upon how many user profiles are on a particular machine, it is dynamic to what the software needs to enumerate. This one can go either way.
  • Scan speed, this one would go to 3.0, it has a lot of work put in by the developers to make the scan more efficient than previous versions, again however, it can depend on what the program needs to enumerate.

The one portion that may be the most important for a business environment is that only the business versions of the software can be setup, configured and engaged through CMD, and thus scripted to do what you need them to do. The home versions cannot and will require desk-side visits to setup and manage.

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