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Ransomware protection for Windows XP

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Seems like Malwarebytes would write a program to provide ransomware protection for Windows XP.  There are millions of us out there who still use XP because it's a great operating system and we're used to it.

After all, we paid full freight for Malwarebytes, yet we're denied one of the most vital protections.

Seems a bit unfair to me.


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Unfortunately we're unable to support Windows XP at this time for our anti-ransomware component, not because we don't want to, but because the APIs used for our ransomware protection are unavailable/do not exist in Windows XP.  It is the same reason that some of our other components such as web protection have limited functionality in Windows XP compared to newer Windows versions.  We provide all of the capabilities that we can based on what the architecture of the OS allows, however sometimes those capabilities are limited due to functionality that doesn't exist in older OS versions like Windows XP (Vista has several limitations as well, though not quite as many as XP).

That said, our anti-exploit protection does function under Windows XP and this is by far the most critical component because ransomware, like the vast majority of malware threats, most often uses exploits to attempt to infiltrate users' systems meaning that our exploit protection should be able to stop an attack before it gets to the point of a threat's payload (including ransomware) being downloaded to and executed on the system because the exploit is one of the earliest phases in the attack chain.

Of course we are always looking to improve our protection's capabilities and if there is a way to extend the functionality of our anti-ransomware protection to older operating systems in the future then we certainly will.  Unfortunately it's simply not possible at this time given the API requirements of our ransomware protection component.

While I realize this doesn't solve the issue, I hope that it at least helps to clear up why feature support on Windows XP is limited.  Please let us know if there's anything else that we can assist you with.


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